Lyudia becomes Ingenico Japan

Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, announced today the renaming of its Japanese subsidiary Lyudia to Ingenico Japan. Ingenico Group had acquired Lyudia, its local distribution partner in 2016.

Less than one year after the acquisition, the integration of the Japanese company has been successfully completed. Lyudia and Ingenico Group have combined their proven experience in the Japanese payment ecosystem and their security expertise as the global leader in the industry. With teams in Tokyo and Sapporo Ingenico Japan further leverages on a full range of payment terminals and services, including software development, certification, logistics and maintenance.

As part of its focus on Japan, Ingenico Group has developed an innovative offering tailored to the Japanese market. This offering includes a complete range of high-security payment terminals that have obtained the major Japanese payment certifications. In 2017, Ingenico is widening its offering with a line of terminals based on the Tetra operating system, a platform that combines the security of payments with the agility of HTML technology. Ingenico terminals cater for all payment use-cases and environments including large retail, merchants, in-store mobility, wireless, and unattended. The Telium Tetra range is enhanced by services such as remote terminal management, end-to-end encryption and business intelligence tools for merchants.

The effective integration of Lyudia in Ingenico Group and the launch of Japan-specific products confirm our long-term commitment to the Japanese market. With Ingenico Japan’s teams and capabilities, we are excited to partner with the Japanese payment industry leaders and offer our 35-year global expertise in security and payment.’ said John Tait, SVP Asia-Pacific, Ingenico Group.